Under the Table and Dreaming
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The first time I shot up

The first time I shot up my hands trembled. My head and hands were sweating from nerves. I had no idea what I was doing. I stole a needle from my doctor. I wanted ro sink my teeth in this drug until it fills me with poison. So sniffing it wasnt an option. I shook with fear as I stabbed away at my veins and dropped the plunger and injecting the most beautiful, euphiric drug in the world. Ater that night I became insane. I would pay money, my house, my happiness, and my life for heroin.

Everyone wants a fix. Something that fixes everything for just a moment.


This is fantastic

I’m gonna scream
"All they want to talk about is how much drugs Kurt and I did. That is not all we did. We had a life. We ate breakfast. We ate lunch. We ate dinner. We rented movies, and ate ice cream. We would read out loud to each other almost every night, and we prayed every night. We had some fucking dignity."

Courtney Love on Kurt Cobain  (via phase-of-the-moon)

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Drew Barrymore in 1990